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House of the Rising Buns

It's the Simple Pleasures in Life

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Fresh Baked Breads

Artisan Sourdough Loaf
Sourdough Bread
Brioche Style Hamburger Buns
World Famous Buns
my theory

of Bread Baking

At the heart of making high quality artisan baked goods is an unrushed process, using wholesome, primarily local ingredients that are free of additives and preservatives. The dough is prepared by hand in the wee hours of each morning, and, in the “old school” way is allowed time to rest for a slow fermentation process. 

Not only does the longer fermentation time allow the natural development of flavor in the dough, the process produces bread that is better for you. Slow rising allows enzymes in the dough time to break down complex carbohydrates, in addition to creating lactic acid. Both result in bread that is easier to digest. 

The long fermentation process also produces acetic acid, which not only adds to the flavour, it acts as a natural preservative. No added artificial ingredients required! Tastes wonderful in addition to being good for you!

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Sourdough Loaves
Unbaked sourdough

Long Fermented for 24 Hours


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